Corporate Classes

At EMS Pilates we are able to provide corporate Pilates classes virtually or within face to face group classes.

What we can offer

- A meeting to discuss your Company’s specific requirements
- Virtual or socially distanced group classes
- Risk assessment with COVID secure set up of classes
- Pilates classes can be flexibly arranged around your office hours

How we can help

- We can provide Pilates classes to suit your Company’s set up:
- Socially distanced group classes within the office environment
- Virtual classes- Helping to connect colleagues working remotely or at different offices

Benefits of Pilates

- Improve Health & well being
- Boost team morale and reconnect the team
- Increase productivity
- Reduce general aches and pains caused by prolonged postures during the working day

Contact us via our Contact page to book your free consultation to discuss how we can help your business.