EMS Pilates Code of Practice

To ensure a high standard of Pilates classes and to maintain an equal approach to each class and for every client EMS Pilates have created a standard of practice. These standards set the expectation and understanding between the instructor and client when signing up to EMS Pilates classes.

  1. EMS Pilates provide Physiotherapist led Pilates classes by an APPI* certified instructor. (*Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute). We will ensure continued professional development to maintain a high standard of Pilates class delivery.
  2. EMS Pilates is Insured and follows an up to date risk assessment for each of the classes. EMS Pilates work closely with all management teams at the studio facilities to ensure a safe environment for classes.
  3. A 1:1 assessment will be completed by the lead Chartered Physiotherapist as part of the induction before new clients join the Pilates classes. This will be completed either virtually or face to face depending on the preference of the client.
  4. All EMS Pilates group classes will be limited to a maximum number of 10 clients. This is to allow for individual feedback during classes and to maintain the clients’ safe technique on exercises.
  5. EMS Pilates will provide all equipment required for group classes. It is the clients’ choice if they would prefer to bring their own equipment.
  6. All EMS Pilates classes will be run in a timely manner and any changes of dates for classes will be communicated at the start of each term.
  7. If in the event a Pilates class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, EMS Pilates will aim to give as much notice as possible through the contact information provided by clients. Any classes cancelled by EMS Pilates will be added as credit to the next term of Pilates.
  8. Payment for the classes will be taken by EMS Pilates at the start of each term with a receipt of payment emailed to the client for their own record. Pilates classes are non-refundable.
  9. If any client is deemed unsafe within a group Pilates class, discussions will be had between the instructor and individual. The instructor will discuss if a 1:1 Pilates session would be better suited or if further medical review from their own GP is required before any further exercise group participation.