Virtual Classes

We have a range of Virtual EMS Pilates classes to flex around your busy lifestyle. These can be accessed via scheduled virtual class timetables or on demand video content. If you need more flexibility, one:one classes can be booked to work around your routine.

Once booked onto the virtual Pilates classes, you will be sent the link to join the class online.

During the class the Pilates instructor with demonstrate all exercises like within a face to face group.

If attending a live virtual Pilates class, the two-way video over the online class this will allow the Pilates instructor to still give individual feedback on exercises.

During the online Pilates classes it is important you work within your own comfortable movement and allow yourself to take a rest where needed. When attending live group sessions, always make the Pilates instructor aware of any questions during the virtual class.

Contact us via our Contact page to find out the current availability of virtual classes or book your one-to-one virtual Pilates class.